SoC :: Ribbons :: Weekly Report #11

13 08 2007


As I explained in my previous post, this report is a bit late because I was on holiday with no internet connection.

Since the last report I have been working on the following things:

  • Bugfix: drawing issue with Tiles (due to incorrect coordinates).
  • Bugfix: unexpected exposition event sent to hidden tiles.
  • I have added a Theme property to relevant widgets in order to change the theme used to draw them.
  • It is now possible to select a tile in a gallery.
  • GalleryPopupWindow (used to expand a galley in a popup window), and FlowLayoutContainer (intented to layout Tookpacks in a RibbonGroup) have been started, but are still in early stage however.

I hope to finish the last two bits as soon as possible. However I plan to be less efficient due to technical problem with my computer (PSU making strange noises).



SoC :: Ribbons :: Weekly Report #10

5 08 2007


Tasks accomplished this week:

  • Some fixed to the layout computations of Gallery.
  • Basic background drawing of Gallery.
  • Initial implementation of Tile, and a sample derivate of it.
  • Ability to enable/disable a Button (I’ve not figured how to make the child Widget gray yet)
  • Enable/disable up/down buttons of Gallery when required.

This is not much, but some social activities, hot wave on Europe, and unavailability of for 2 days haven’t helped much.


  • Figure out how to display a popup window on top of my Gallery (read MonoDevelop soure code?)
  • Test Gallery with multiple lines.
  • Implement the selection of tiles in Gallery.
  • Implement a flow layout like container.

The mandatory screenshot: Ribbons 2007-08-05

The weekly report of next week will likely be a day or two late, because I will  go to the beach (I will work on Ribbons there, though).


SoC :: Ribbons :: Weekly Report #9

29 07 2007


This week I have been working on the Gallery widget. The implementation is still in an early stage, it has just three buttons, and basic layout logic. Tiles have not been worked on yet. In addition, I have still to figure out how to popup a new window on top of my widget to display more tiles. If you have some suggestions for this, do not hesitate to submit them!

Afterward, I will focus on polishness of the UI, and the enhance the API if required.

Screenshot: Ribbons 2007/07/29

Thanks for reading


SoC :: Ribbons :: Weekly Report #8

22 07 2007


As planed I’ve been working on ToolBox(es) and drop down menu for buttons. More extensive work on the visual appareance will be required thought. I think will now work on Gallery, and then polish everything.

A screen shot can be seen below:

Ribbons rev 1024

Laurent Debacker.

SoC :: Ribbons :: Weekly Report #7

15 07 2007


This week has been a bug hunting week. Indeed, the following bugs have been found and fixed:

  1. ToolPack does not correctly display multiple buttons. Fixed!
  2. The expand button is displayed on top of the label. Fixed!
  3. Could not change the image or label of a button. Fixed!
  4. The visible property of widgets is ignored in Button, RibbonGroup, ToolPack. Fixed!
  5. The SyntheticWindow sends bad synthetic events to window-less widgets. Fixed!
  6. The padding was not handled correctly by the layout routine. Fixed!
  7. The expand button does not fire the right event. Fixed!

In addition, several enhancements have been commited:

  1. Better button design, but could be enhanced further.
  2. Updated sample to expose functionalities of the expand button.

Finally, I have documented the public API.

Thanks to this work, the code base is now a lot more solid (shall I dare, rock solid?). Next week, I plan to add the ability to add a drop down menu to buttons; and to get multiple rows of buttons in a single RibbonGroup. The last one will required some effort to find the right API to implement this in Gtk.

After this, the project will be ready to get support for Galleries. I hope to start the development of this in 1 to 1.5 week.


SoC :: Ribbons :: Weekly Report #6 (with Screenshot and Screencast)

9 07 2007

Last week was my first week without exam since the beginning of the development of Ribbons. As a consequence, I’ve been able to advance at a far better pace. The following tasks have been completed:

  • Addition of the ability to add shortcuts widgets to the main Ribbon (the Menu button in the screenshot)
  • Addition of the expansion button to groups (the + buttons in the screenshot)
  • Addition of ToolPack (I’ve no idea whether the name sucks or not), this make it possible to create a single row of buttons, which are joined together in a single block (see the screenshot).
  • Support for an icon in Button.
  • Updated layout logic for both Ribbon, and RibbonGroup.

The known bugs:

  • I have troubles with the Visible property of widgets. I will have to study how it works because it changes to True automatically.
  • It seems I can’t change the Child property of a Bin widget once it has been assigned. I experimented this problem recently in Button.
  • The Button widget should override the fore color of its child when the background is painted.
  • The expand button in RibbonGroup can be placed on top of the label (the size requisition is right however), but shouldn’t.

The mandatory screenshot (at revision 798):

Screenshot of Ribbon (rev 798)

The screencast: (87 KiB)


SoC :: Ribbons :: Weekly Report #5

1 07 2007


This week, I have been working on the implementation of events for the ribbon widget (which should be complete now), polished the design, and started the implementation of the button widget. The button is used both standalone or in a toolbar. In the short-term, I will implement the support for popup menus in button, and implement toolbars.

The good news is that my exams are now over. I have obtained my master degree in computer sciences with great distinction.

I will post screenshots next week.