Summer of Code Summary: Gtk Sharp Ribbon

26 08 2008


I have recorded a screencast to showcase the lastest version of Gtk Sharp Ribbon. It is available here (edit: this an OGG video, about 500KB)

The objective of this year was to comply to the official “2007 Microsoft(r) Office Fluent(tm) User Interface Design Guidelines”.

I did my best, while taking care of my actuary studies which was more difficult than I thought (the studies, not the project). In addition, the guidelines are of course not designed with Gtk+ in mind. Consequently, the path was rather rocky. But I think that the result is rather fine for now, and could become really great if some actual applications would start using it, giving some real use cases.

You can read more about the current state at

The code is available in the /trunk/gtk-sharp-ribbon directory of Mono’s SVN repository.

Laurent Debacker




2 responses

26 08 2008

Any screenshots?

26 08 2008

Hey Laurent,

I’ve seen the screencast and I want to congratulate you because I liked a lot the widget 🙂

Nice work!

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