Choosing a distro for SoC, Part 1

25 04 2008

Since I have been selected by Mono for the Summer of Code 2008 to continue my work on the Ribbon library, I wanted to setup an up-to-date Linux install to develop with.

Since Ubuntu 8.04 was released a few days ago, I thought it would be a great opportunity. Well… samba mounting still does not work. Indeed, the option is available in the mounting menu of GNOME, but apparently no program is registered to handle smb://. Mmkay.. so I wanted to connect on Internet to search for workarounds, no Internet! By default my network interface was configured in roaming mode, and an IP address was assigned. In addition, all routes seemed to be configured correctly, but nothing. So, I had to make a manual configuration, and configure it to use DHCP. And it worked! I’m happy that it works, but if roaming didn’t, why the hell does the manual mode works?

So, voilà. It is not Microsoft, it is Cannonical. It is not Windows Vista, it is Ubuntu 8.04. But the principle is the same: release on time, no matter what! Just look at and you will notice that the error is old and well known. Of course it is possible that interoperability between Linux and Windows is not that important, despite all lawsuits against Microsoft to obtain documentation over their protocols 😀

EDIT: Except this, the new version is way better than previous ones, but this is well covered by reviews on the web, so I only report about what differ between my experience and such reviews.




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25 04 2008
Jae Stutzman

Ribbons! What are the plans for 2008?

25 04 2008

The plan is to implement all features required by the Microsoft Office Fluent UI Design Guidelines. Once this is done, we could register the library to obtain an official license from Microsoft.

Actually, I would have preferred to announced this in another post… now every Ubuntu fanboys will think that I got in bed with Micro$oft (dollar sign added to remain undercover), but the plan is just to make the library still better while avoiding any potential legal threat.

25 04 2008

Can’t wait to have it working! Thanks for your hard work.

26 04 2008
Andreia Gaita

That’s strange, you can’t mount samba shares? I’ve had no problems with that so far, either just doing mount -t cifs -o username=x,password=y //machine/share /mountdir , or going to nautilus and typing the smb:// address directly on the address bar.

26 04 2008

As I said, I used GNOME’s mount window. It worked fined previously, but the change to GVFS broke it. You can see with the bug tracker that I am not alone in this case. I did not tried using the command line because I do this once a week, and thus, I could not remember such commands. In addition, it is Ubuntu, not Arch Linux (I am not supposed to be a command line guru). A few month ago, when I had enough spare time to afford doing much of my config through the command line, I used Arch Linux.

14 07 2008
Luís Reis

Check Ubuntu’s wiki.
You probably should do “sudo apt-get install samba” or something like that.
Samba works fine in my Ubuntu 8.04.

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