Ribbons for MonoDevelop

30 08 2007

Update : This post is now formated correctly.

Wow, it is quite impressing that Miguel proposed to use the ribbon in MonoDevelop in his last post. When I started the project, I looked for ways to test my ribbon. One of my idea was also to redesign MonoDevelop, but I started with a tiny sample because it was much simpler 😀

Redesigning MonoDevelop remained one of my secret target, but it never happened due to lack of time or caffeine…

Below is the content of ribbons I imaginated 2-3 months ago:

+Version Control
Test Units
++Test class
++Test project
++Test solution
++Compability check
++Deploy to
++Configure targets
+Version Control
++Build patch

I did also thought of some contextual ribbons:

Source code
++Print Preview
++Go to Line
++Go to Matching Bracket
++Clear all
++Change namespace
++Move up
++Move down

I am sure that this is not optimal, but I think it is not too bad. The problem is that plugins would also have to use the ribbon. Consequently, there is a lot of code to update.




8 responses

30 08 2007
Asbjørn Ulsberg

Having ribbons in MD would probably be excellent! Just have keyboard shortcuts for most of the functions, and it will probably be more intuitive than it is right now. 🙂

30 08 2007

yeah, would be super!

30 08 2007
Miguel de Icaza

Keyboard support would be very useful in my opinion.

Do we have that support?

Laurent, how do you feel about moving the code to the Mono Subversion repository, now that the summer of code is over?

30 08 2007

Interesting to hear/read about this SoC-project. Congratulations, looks nice!

I never understood why MS made such a huge fuzz about something for which, like mentioned, prior art exists. Taking something that exists and just stick a new name on it isn’t that genuine engineering- and design-wise… well maybe just marketing-wise (sorry for the trolling here 🙂

I’m wondering if you also plan to offer that as a widget for gtk+ directly and not limit it to only Mono/C#? It would be great to have that available in a future release of gtk+.

So what’s you stance regarding that?

30 08 2007

Oh yes! I have totally forgotten about keyboard shortcuts! I have thought about it at the beginning, but I wanted to get something that worked first. I suppose I will have to learn more about this now (please note that I will be on holiday from Sept 3rd up to 6rd in Luxembourg).

I would be glad to include the library on the MONO repository. I have no idea how to do this, what are the consequences, etc. however.

I’m afraid that the code is written in C#. Consequently, a port to C would be necessary. In addition, I must admit that I do not plan to have enough time to make that port 😦

30 08 2007

Well I know that a port for C# to C would be needed in order to be able to suggest that for inclusion in gtk+. That’s why I asked in the first place… because it’s probably quite some work to do.

Sad to hear that it’s not possible time-wise.

31 08 2007
Lex Mark

It would be nice to see MD in Ribbon UI. Yes, some development tools are already in Ribbon these days, such as NDepend and InstallAware. I really enjoy these tools because Ribbon makes it easy to see what commands are available.

31 08 2007
Miguel de Icaza


It is very easy to move to the Mono SVN, please read:


Mail me your SSH key, and I will setup your account; We will take care of making packages for all the distros, etc.


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