SoC :: Ribbons :: Weekly Report #11

13 08 2007


As I explained in my previous post, this report is a bit late because I was on holiday with no internet connection.

Since the last report I have been working on the following things:

  • Bugfix: drawing issue with Tiles (due to incorrect coordinates).
  • Bugfix: unexpected exposition event sent to hidden tiles.
  • I have added a Theme property to relevant widgets in order to change the theme used to draw them.
  • It is now possible to select a tile in a gallery.
  • GalleryPopupWindow (used to expand a galley in a popup window), and FlowLayoutContainer (intented to layout Tookpacks in a RibbonGroup) have been started, but are still in early stage however.

I hope to finish the last two bits as soon as possible. However I plan to be less efficient due to technical problem with my computer (PSU making strange noises).





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