SoC :: Ribbons :: Weekly Report #10

5 08 2007


Tasks accomplished this week:

  • Some fixed to the layout computations of Gallery.
  • Basic background drawing of Gallery.
  • Initial implementation of Tile, and a sample derivate of it.
  • Ability to enable/disable a Button (I’ve not figured how to make the child Widget gray yet)
  • Enable/disable up/down buttons of Gallery when required.

This is not much, but some social activities, hot wave on Europe, and unavailability of for 2 days haven’t helped much.


  • Figure out how to display a popup window on top of my Gallery (read MonoDevelop soure code?)
  • Test Gallery with multiple lines.
  • Implement the selection of tiles in Gallery.
  • Implement a flow layout like container.

The mandatory screenshot: Ribbons 2007-08-05

The weekly report of next week will likely be a day or two late, because I will  go to the beach (I will work on Ribbons there, though).





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