SoC :: Ribbons :: Weekly Report #6 (with Screenshot and Screencast)

9 07 2007

Last week was my first week without exam since the beginning of the development of Ribbons. As a consequence, I’ve been able to advance at a far better pace. The following tasks have been completed:

  • Addition of the ability to add shortcuts widgets to the main Ribbon (the Menu button in the screenshot)
  • Addition of the expansion button to groups (the + buttons in the screenshot)
  • Addition of ToolPack (I’ve no idea whether the name sucks or not), this make it possible to create a single row of buttons, which are joined together in a single block (see the screenshot).
  • Support for an icon in Button.
  • Updated layout logic for both Ribbon, and RibbonGroup.

The known bugs:

  • I have troubles with the Visible property of widgets. I will have to study how it works because it changes to True automatically.
  • It seems I can’t change the Child property of a Bin widget once it has been assigned. I experimented this problem recently in Button.
  • The Button widget should override the fore color of its child when the background is painted.
  • The expand button in RibbonGroup can be placed on top of the label (the size requisition is right however), but shouldn’t.

The mandatory screenshot (at revision 798):

Screenshot of Ribbon (rev 798)

The screencast: (87 KiB)





3 responses

10 07 2007

To change the child in a Bin container you can just remove the child and add another: someBin.Remove(someBin.Child); someBin.Add(newChild);

If you want to destroy the old child it’s sufficient to do: someBin.Child.Destroy(); someBin.Add(newChild);

I’m not sure why Bin.Child isn’t read-only, since I’ve never been able to write to it and have it do the Right Thing.

12 07 2007

Is that running on Windows, or some flavor of Linux?

12 07 2007

Thanks Chris for your tip! I will look at this.

Regarding the question of rstat1, it is developed on Linux, it should run on BSD*, but I do not know whether it will works on Windows or not. If Gtk+ uses the same EventCrossing structures on Windows than on Linux, it should be compatible. I think it is the case, but it should be verified.

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