SoC :: Ribbons :: Weekly Report #4

24 06 2007

This week has been extremely exhausting for me… I’d like to say that it is due to my hard work for ribbons, but it isn’t. It’s was due to exams. Nevertheless, I’ve been able to fix a critical bug in my ribbon which prevented me from switching from one tab to another. I have also started the implementation of the button. So, in the short-term I will have to:

  • Add the popup button to RibbonGroup. It is used to open a popup menu or a window.
  • Implement the drawing of Button.
  • Implement events for Ribbon, RibbonGroup, and Button to be used by the end-user application.

Afterwards, I plan to implement the toolbar. It should be fast, thanks to Button. As time permits before the mid-term evaluation, I will try to implement Gallery or something else.

Laurent Debacker.




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