SoC :: Ribbons :: Weekly Report #3

17 06 2007


This week I have completed the synthetic emission of some mouse events (Enter, Leave). In addition, you can now click on a tab to open it. Nevertheless, there is a bug while switching the page. Finally, some refactoring was required in the Ribbon to continue the development.

I have still ten days of exams. By then, I should have my Ribbon and RibbonGroup in an almost complete form.

Afterwards, I will be working on the implementation of the RibbonButton. I have to develop my own button because it must match the style of the ribbon (it is transparent if not hovered) and it must support drop down menus. This button will make it possible to complete the RibbonGroup. If everything works fine, I should have a few more days to begin the implementation of toolbars before the mid-term evaluation.

Laurent Debacker.




3 responses

18 06 2007
Aaron Bockover

Why do you need to develop your own Button? Set the ReliefStyle to None and the button will not draw a style unless you are hovering on it. You can easily support drop down menus on a button as well.

Screenshots! 🙂

19 06 2007
Stephen Gentle

I would also like to see some new screenshots. Maybe even a video of it in action.

19 06 2007

But looking at the documentation of Gtk.Button, I couldn’t see how I can have a button with a default action, and a tiny arrow to display a drop down menu at the same time. The problem is that I could often just use some widget from Gtk#. In fact, you could take Gtk.Notebook to build the tans, Gtk.Frame to build groups, put some buttons in it, and voilà! But for this project I try to do my best to have something that really looks like a ribbon.

Since the last screenshot, I have been working on features for the two existing widgets. The style has improved a bit, however. I will post something this weekend, but it will not be that different from the last one. I really look forward the toolbar to display some nice stuff.

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